Know why North is not suitable for sleeping in Vastu

Know why North is not suitable for sleeping in Vastu
Know why North is not suitable for sleeping in Vastu

Vastu Shastra states that in deep sleep we reconnect with the power sources. This association makes one calm and happy and excited about their existence. After awakening from deep sleep and waking up in the morning, you are ready and ready for the new day. How long you sleep is not important, it is important how deep and unobstructed sleep is. There are some rules of sleeping in Vastu for quiet and smooth sleep, by which every person can lead a healthy and active life.

Why not sleep in the north

It has been clear from scientific tests that the human body is affected by magnetic waves and also throws micro-magnetic waves themselves which cause attraction and distraction in the aura. Just as the North Pole of the Earth is, the brain part of the human body has been considered as its North Pole. Therefore, for complete pleasurable rest, the human head should always be towards the south pole so that the magnetic waves can flow in the right direction. Conversely, sleeping with the head in the north direction will block the magnetic flow by blocking it, due to which the human being will not be able to sleep properly. According to Vastu, sleeping head-on in this direction disrupts sleep, due to which a headache may remain. People who sleep with their head towards the north and feet towards the south, such people will keep turning on the sides overnight, there will be laziness by getting up in the morning. The chances of mental illnesses will increase, so if you consider Vastu then never sleep in this direction.

East direction for spirituality and concentration

In Vastu Shastra, Indra, the king of the gods, is considered the lord of the east. Visiting this direction on waking up in the morning is as virtuous as taking blessings from Devendra for his prosperity. By sleeping in this direction, sleeping, memory, concentration and health remains good and man's inclination towards spirituality increases. According to Vastu, it can be beneficial for the students to head in the east direction to increase memory and increase concentration.

Westward impact

The supreme deity of water, Varuna, has been called the lord of the western direction, who influences our soul, spiritual spirit and thoughts. According to Vastu, sleeping in the west direction is also favorable because this direction increases the name, fame, prestige, and prosperity.

South direction for wealth, happiness, prosperity

Yama, the god of death, is the lord of the south. It is best to sleep in this direction. It is said in Vastu that a person who wants a healthy life and long life should always sleep with his head in the south and feet towards the north. Heading towards this direction, a person gets wealth, happiness, prosperity and fame by sleeping. Additionally, the person sleeps comfortably in deep sleep.

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