Sleeping Luck Rises By Wearing Silver Rings

Sleeping Luck Rises By Wearing Silver Rings
Sleeping Luck Rises By Wearing Silver Rings

Some people do not get any auspicious results even after working hard many times and there is disappointment everywhere in life. In such a situation, it is believed that luck is not supporting. Many people do not reach the position they deserve despite hard work. The reason for this may not be the lack of hard work, but the fault in their luck. To celebrate this bad luck, silver and platinum rings prove to be very effective. So let us know on which day and how to wear it. If you have started feeling like this, then you should wear a silver ring in your hand according to Lal Kitab. But it is important to know when and in which finger.

A silver ring without joints is a very useful thing. Its price is also not very high, it is available for about 1 thousand rupees according to the size of the finger. This ring is the significator of Moon. That is, it strengthens the planet Venus and Venus also has a positive effect on its friend planet Mercury.

Silver Ring Also Makes The Sum Of Marriage

Girls should wear silver ring in their left hand and boys in their right hand. If there are obstacles in marriage due to Venus, then wearing a silver ring gives chances of getting married soon. On the other hand, wearing silver rings of married people brings happiness in their married life by eliminating husband wife problem. Apart from this, wearing a silver ring removes the defect of Rahu and keeps the mind calm. Those who get angry over talk will also benefit from wearing this ring.

1. Wear a silver ring in the thumb only. It is a ring without joints.

 2. Girls should wear silver ring in their left hand while boys should wear it in their right hand.

 3. Silver ring is also a factor of Moon. At the same time, Venus is cured by the Moon and the planet Mercury is also cured by the recovery of Venus.

 4. If there is a defect of Moon, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Mercury in your horoscope, then you should wear a silver ring only after asking world famous astrologer.

5. Silver ring also strengthens the position of Sun and Saturn and also awakens luck.

6. Due to this the dosha of Rahu is also removed and at the same time the mind remains calm and the mind also remains cool.

7. The thumb of the hand is the cause of Venus while silver is the cause of the moon. If the line of Venus is not right in the lines of your hands, then you can wear a silver ring.

8. With the strengthening of the planet Venus, all kinds of pleasures and facilities are obtained in life and the influence of the person also increases in the society.

9. Wearing a silver ring also cures the planet Mercury as it is the friend planet of Venus. By eliminating the dosha of Mercury, one gets success in career, job and business.

10. If the marriage is not done due to the goodness of Venus, then the chances of getting married are formed and the married life passes happily.


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