7 Benifits of Live in relationship

7 Benifits of Live in relationship
7 Benifits of Live in relationship

In India, the number of couples choosing live-in relationships is growing. What better way to get to know your spouse before marrying them than to live with them for a while? It's similar to the "Level Up" button in a video game. Once you start living in, you may notice that two persons are quite different from what we imagined they were. They may then decide that a lifelong agreement will not work, saving themselves a lot of emotional anguish and legal issues that come with a divorce.

Like every couple in love does these corny things, and every married couple experiences similar things in the first year of their marriage, couples who choose live-in relationships do certain things that everyone in comparable situations can empathise with. In many respects, live-in relationships and love marriage are very similar and quite different.

In a live-in relationship, what should one do? Quite a few things. A live-in relationship comes with a lot of love and understanding that is not simply there because you signed on a stamped paper, from splitting the rent to cooking together to being with one other on bad days. There are some features of a live-in relationship that everybody who is in one will be able to connect with. As a result, Bonobology has compiled a list of ten topics to which couples in live-in relationships may connect.

1. Mutual reliance

The pair, who are two independent persons, begin to enjoy being reliant on each other. Typically, your live-in relationship begins when you ask your girlfriend to move in with you in the most romantic way possible. It starts with sharing a wardrobe, a bed, a bathroom, a sofa, and a kitchen, and then you start relying on each other. You had been paying your rent until now, but now you knew the boyfriend would present the check to the landlord, and after a long day at work, he would be looking forward to the excellent coffee you prepare to brighten him up. You'd rely on one other for food, emotional support, and, at times, financial assistance.

2: Getting each other's habit

More significantly, after being inspired by your spouse, you may cultivate your habit. So, let's say you don't like a specific corny Bollywood song, but your spouse does. So when he's not there and you're doing something mundane like making tea, you start humming that tune you despise. This may appear to be unthinkable, yet it does occur.

So you'd start watching action movies, ordering pizza because he likes it, and crying with him after romantic movies. You've picked up on each other's behaviours, I see.

3. You discover the definition of the word "space"

The live-in love relationship is spiced up since both spouses are two diverse, modern persons who love and respect each other. Because your spouse typically learns when to give you adequate space. If you need to make a decision or need some alone time, your spouse will understand and will not bother you for a set period.

4: No need to look sexy

Certainly not all the time, because no one can wake up looking like the 'bahus' from Hindi serials. And your lover sees you in that light he or she prefers to view you in that light. The drive to appear attractive all the time is the first thing most couples give up in a live-in relationship. They understand that you can't look lovely immediately out of bed, and they understand that it's nicer to snuggle when there aren't concerns about smeared lipsticks and runny eyeliners.

5: Period

Periods are most likely the thing that guys despise or find strange. In the event of a live-in relationship, however, the male partner becomes accustomed to the situation and no longer freaks out. Furthermore, with a piece of better knowledge, males may become more loving to their ladies on those specific days, especially when they are suffering from PMS.

6: In illness and health

Because both couples are self-sufficient, they are familiar with every other household errand. As a result, if one of them becomes ill, the other can care for them.

People who start a live-in relationship usually do so when they are living alone in a different city, away from their family.

7: Be yourself

If you act foolishly in front of your lover, no one will condemn you. Because he's going to say something illogical after a while. Live-in relationships can expose your true personality to the other person. No more hiding behind a mask to protect our social standing.