Inter Caste Marriage Solution

Inter-Caste Marriage Solution

Inter Caste Marriage Solution - How To Convince Parents For Inter caste Marriage

Nowadays there are a lot of number of the people who are doing inter caste love marriage. The number of the inter caste marriage in India is getting higher as the young generation is all set to break the walls of the caste and the community while they are selecting their life partner. Therefore modern generation is wise enough for check the compatibility of the spouse on the grounds of the education, personality traits, life goals and attitude rather than limiting choice to the caste and religion. The time and thoughts are changing fast in the modern culture. Some of the inter caste love marriage turn into the inter caste arranged marriages. But there is very less number of the inter caste arranged marriage. In India, couples who want to get married with their desired partner they have to face a lot of challenges to get the approval of parents and family for marriage. They also have to put a lot of efforts to get accepted by family and society and to adjust with each other.

With the help of the inter caste love marriage people are able to find the right soul mate but it also help person to know about the different cultures and traditions. There is no doubt that the society is becoming very open about their children, peers or other relatives by choosing a right and eligible life partner who also belong to some other religion or culture. Couples who want to marry love of their life who belongs to the other caste face a lot of issues. So here we are providing some of the ways that will help inter caste couples to deal with the society in the better and different way.

Why inter caste marriages are rejected by the people?

There are several reasons present due to which inter caste marriages are deny by the people. Mostly society flinch away from inter caste marriages. Below mention are some of the points that clearly describe that why these marriages are rejected:

  • Much fear of the societal norms and social standing
  • Loss of reputation
  • Difference between culture
  • Most of the people believe that couple will not be able to settle down in the different culture
  • Some people believe that the children born out of the inter caste marriage will not be as perfect
  • Belief that the couple and family has to face the hands of the society

What are the bad effects of not improving the inter caste marriages?

  • It hampers the growth of the society
  • It creates the fissures among different social groups and castes
  • There are some of the couples either it can end their life or are killed by the society.

Steps can be taken to convince parents to get approval for inter caste marriage:

This can be easily done with the help of the young generation that they will make their parents or elders realize that the rigid caste system is the morbid. Below mention are some of the steps that can be taken by the youngsters to convince their parents their parents for marriage.

  • A boy or a girl should introduces their partner as a friend in front of the family and be allowed to earn family’s love and respect.
  • The main qualities of your partner that you love should be highlighted in front of the family members.
  • Learn customs of each other’s caste, it helps to earn the love of the family.

Main challenges faced by inter caste marriages:

Challenges of the inter caste marriages are many but if the couples has the faith in each other then they are able to conquered all the challenges and obstacles from their inter caste marriage.

Disapproval of the Family

Acceptance by the family of the inter caste marriage is the first and foremost problem along everyone. This is not the easy task to convince the parents and they are not able to get convinces for the marriage. There are very rare number of the parents who happily allow their son and daughter to get married in the different caste or with the desired person. This is one big challenges for the couples to make their family agree for the inter caste love marriage.  

Issues and acceptance by the community

This is the another major and the big challenge for the couples. Communities do not allow to change their caste, traditions and the rituals. Couples who decide to get married in the inter caste marriage has to face a lot of the brunt of the communities disagreement as well.

Disagreement of the Society

Society of India has deep beliefs about the marriage and the caste systems. So it is not at all easy to change the beliefs of the society. In India, society is not open minded or broad for the inter caste love marriage. This is the main reason they do not allow and do not like the inter caste love marriage. So it is not at all easy for the couples to live in the society without their acceptance. It is also one of the major problems of the marriage.

Each other’s lifestyle Acceptance

Inter caste love marriages problems is not end on the family, community or society but this is also a biggest challenge for the couples who decided to break the bars of the caste, religion to get married with each other. These are the two individuals from the different caste have to keep a lot of the scope of the adjustment and spirit for adapting to the new and different things.  Everything changes for them when they opt to get married in the different caste.

Each other’s Culture

The main reasons due to which inter caste marriages are opposed by the parents is because of the difference in the cultures of the different communities. All the families are very protective about their traditions and about their rituals that they expect that the new family member to adopt their traditions and the rituals unconditionally. It takes a lot of time for couples to adjust and understand the different cultures of each other family. 

How Astro Dainik's experts are helpful in providing fruitful solution?

When people are tired of trying by following all the possible things that they can do and do not get the right solution at that time they seek for the astrological guidance. Astrology is the divine science that provides effective remedies and solutions to deal with any kind of the issues of the life. Astro Dainik’s experts are helpful in providing best solution to resolving the hurdles that are obstacles for the couples in their inter caste marriage path and stopping them to get married. These experts are one of the best service providers who provides with the fruitful solution and proper guidance. From the early times people take help of the astrology to make the things work in their favor. When no one is able to resolve the issue then the people come in the shelter of Astro Dainik to get their problem solved.

How Astro Dainik is helpful in resolving inter caste problem?  

Here we are providing some of the personal experiences of people that show how Astro Dainik is helpful for them to resolve their inter caste marriage issues.

How long it take to solve your inter caste issue?

I was facing a lot of issues in my inter caste marriage path. At that time I tried all the possible things to make my parents agree but did not able to find the solution. At that time one of my neighbor suggest me to consult Astro Dainik team to resolve this issue. At that time I contact with them and they provide me some of the remedies and give me surety that this will work and provide best solution. In less than one month I saw some changes are occurring in my life and my parents agree for my inter caste love marriage. I am thankful to Astro Dainik.


Are you able to get married in different caste?

Yes, because of the Astro Dainik I am able to get married with my girlfriend who belongs to the different caste. Her parents are conservative in nature and disagree for the inter caste marriage. But When I consulted with Astro Dainik for my inter caste marriage problem I am able to get married with her and living a happy married life.

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Why inter caste is big issue for you and how Astro Dainik is helpful?

I belong to the Bhramin family and my family is totally against for my inter caste marriage. It is so tough for me to make them agree. Then I heard about Astro Dainik. I get in touch with them. They provide some of the tips and remedies that me and partner have to follow and perform. In short span of time my family get agreed for my inter caste love marriage.

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