Kundali Match for Marriage

Kundali Match for Marriage - Online Kundali Match Making

Marriage is one of the most important relation of the life. Without marriage life is said to be incomplete. It is said that marriage is the turning point in the lives of the two people and their families. With the marriage the two souls ties, together for the lifetime and beyond. This is the new beginning thus the beginning for which every man and woman waits since they enter into an age where they feel that they are ready for this commitment. Before a Hindu marriage take place we often see there are various rituals that take place and kundali match for marriage is one of them. Consequently, from the quite at the early stage there are certain rituals that are performed.

When people are getting married their families decide that whether their birth chart matched or not, they check their stars compatibility. As we all know that Kundali Match for marriage is much necessary.  In the Hindu religion Kundali Match Making is one of the most important step before an Indian Marriage because people have the immense faith in the Kundali Match Making. It is the ritual of the vedic astrology. Therefore the placement of the moon plays important role. Moon's placement in the horoscope provides the Astrologers with the ‘Janam Rashi ‘(Moon Sign) and ‘Nakshatra’ (Constellation) of the native which are two key aspects in Vedic Astrology.

What is Kundali Match for Marriage?

As we all know that marriage is one of the 16 Samskaras or the religious conducts or rites. Marriage is the different crucial turning points in the person’s life. Hence they are respected and celebrated. Thus the kundali matching is the horoscope matching of the couple before marriage. The ashtakoot and dastakoot are the two majorly followed matching systems in the vedic astrology. It mainly indicates with the influence of the stars on the marital life and remedial measures which are needed to be taken in case of any inauspicious yogs just for ensuring the happy and healthy married life.

Why Kundali Match for marriage is important?

With the help of Kundali Match for marriage we are able to get an analysis done for finding the compatibility of two individuals. Thus it can be done for analyzing the compatibility of the life partners or even in the business partners. Thus it is very complicated analysis in the Vedic astrology. Thus it can be done only with the expert astrologers who have in depth knowledge in the subject that will able to do it.

In our Hindu culture before marriage kundali match making has now assumed as a greater significance with the changing socio economic conditions and radical modifications in the status and role of the women in the family life. Therefore besides comparing all the educational, cultural and professional backgrounds, the prospective bride and groom and their parents are also interested in assuring that whether their married life will be happy, harmonious and fruitful too.            

What is the process of Kundali Match for Marriage?

In other words Kundali Milan is also known as Gun Milan. Hence it is the matter of the fact that the qualities presented in the horoscope are matched, hence is known as Gun Milan. The total number of the aspects or attributes matched in the horoscope is 36. If there are 18 out of the 36 properties will be merge then it is at least 50% properties are merged then the marriage is permitted by astrologers. When someone is getting married then it is necessary that his or her Kundali will match with partner to check how successfully this marriage will run. If you are also getting married then consult our astrologer for matching kundali. For more information visit www.dainikastro.com or you can call us at +91-8529252167.