The ways to know love marriage in the Kundli

The ways to know love marriage in the Kundli
The ways to know love marriage in the Kundli

There are two types of marriages in India one is arranged marriage and the other is love marriage in India before fixing the relation we match the horoscope of both the person and then decide to tie the Knot of both partners. To identify the love marriage in the horoscope, we have to study 5th house, 7th house, 8th house, and 11th house. The symbol indicates the love marriage of Gemini, Scorpio, and Pisces. Mars, Venus, Rahu, moon, and mercury are the planets that are responsible for love marriage. This planet by the combination indicates the love marriage in horoscope 7th house is the house of relationship it also indicates love or arranges marriage .it is the house of sexual Desire and physical intimacy It shows the hidden secret of married life, it also gives the indication of love marriage in the horoscope.

11th house shows your friend circle and your success in life. It is important for the tooth to the house which indicates the relationship of married life.

Venus is the planet of romance and love. It is also an important planet by which we can know about the love marriage 

Mars is a planet which shows about your friends of another gender

Rahu is a planet that indicates the sensual Desire of human beings, it is the next planet after Venus by which we will be able to know about love marriage. In a horoscope, mercury is the main planet and we can call it the prince of the horoscope. It intimates about the attraction of different gender in your Horoscope. It also gives the clues of love marriage.

The last planet is the Moon which controls our senses of thought that is mind. It is very important to indicate about the love and romance in a person's life.

  To know more about the love marriage we have to check the connection between marriage house and love and romance house.

  1) if the 5th House is situated in the 7th house then chances of a love marriage occurs.

  2)The chance of love marriages is extremely high when the 5th Lord is situated in the 7th house and if there is significant exchange between the 5th and 7th house.

  3) if the 5th house is a making a connection with the 8th house and if the 5th house is located in the 8th house then there is a sign of love marriage.

  4) we can also know about the love marriage or inter-caste marriage by observing Rahu and Venus combination in the horoscope. when Rahu combines with Venus it creates love and Romance in the individual horoscope. This combination exists in Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, etc. The chance of love marriage occurs.

  5) The love marriage is also shown by arudha and up pada Lagna, there are also other combinations of love and romance like Rahu and Moon, Moon and mercury.

  6) Other combinations especially Gemini or Scorpio which is a combination of Mercury and Venus also play important role in the prediction of love marriage.

  7) By observing Jupiter planet we can also know about love marriage. Jupiter is the planet of dharma, spirituality, honesty, and ethics. when Jupiter is weak then it indicates the love marriage or when the 5thand 7th houses are combined or connected with Jupiter. it is a sign of love marriage.

  Love marriage occurs by the signification of the 5th, 8th, and 11th house. These three houses play a vital role in the indication of romance, relationships, and love marriages.