How to prevent your spouse to raise the reflection of the past in married life.

How to prevent your spouse to raise the reflection of the past in married life.

The hues of the past always sprinkle their color on the present and create tensions in life. It's better to forget the old relationship and proceed forward in life in marriage life. Both partners expect devotion and dedication from each other. The key to happy married life is based on faith and sacrifice. Every person has some incidents and relations of the past but it is necessary to forget the negative effect of the past and remember the positive memories in your life to get happiness., good memories always bring a smile to your face while the bad memories fill your heart with sadness.

Many things and mistakes that we have done in the past and become a matter of discussion in the present due to some reason behind it.

1) Dragging the past regularly is not the solution to the problems, there are many ways to deal with such types of issues. Kundali Match for Marriage, Conflict in relationships, dragging old events of the past is not good.  Conflict is very normal in married life. living with each other many times, we have divergent thoughts which lead to fighting and arguments but these fights are momentary but sometimes we raise the matter of past in the present by connecting those events it affects negatively on the relationship. fighting on old things will take you backward on the past track and make your relation worse.

2) Past as evidence - sometimes the conflict becomes severe and to prove right and wrong, past event is used as a weapon to blame each other. When fighting takes the route of selecting between right or wrong partner may realize you about your past mistakes and try to prove you as wrong ever.

3) unforgivable things

There are many things in life that we have committed as mistakes and are not forgive able. When the fight crosses its limitation then the mind always goes past and it automatically becomes a matter of conversation. it may be disloyalty or deception done innocently this, the pain arouses in your life. this is the reason why the past always reflects in your present and cannot be healed by the pain.

4) Control in the overflow of emotion

When the partners are taking big decisions then they have to learn from the past mistakes rather than blaming each other and convincing their decisions as a right bringing up the past mistake in the present can cause blast in the form of argument. both partners should decide any problem by mutual discussion.

5) less control on the emotions

Sometimes old mistake dwells in the heart as a sinful moment and the memory of that moment always make you despair and sad. many times you cannot prevent yourself from remembering those painful moments. You can balance your emotional outburst in conflict is necessary to resolve the matter completely.

6) Attempt to regain the faith

The happiness of relation lies on the pillar of faith and loyalty but sometimes the circumstances and your indiscretion make you commit mistakes and later on you feel guilty. Deception of the past breaks the relation of trust and happiness. If the partner makes all the efforts but the original strength of relation never come. Might be you feel guilty or ashamed about the mistake you have committed but you cannot find the true recipe to re-establish your trust and make your bond happy and healthy like before.

7) The feeling of fear and unsafe

Sometimes the reason to bring up the past is the feeling of fear and unsafe. The image of disloyalty in mind can impose your partner to think that you can commit this mistake in the future also. The fear of repeating the mistake always hovers around your partner. The mistake of doing infidelity in the past cannot take the place of loyalty In the future the relationship does not remain smooth when the contradiction rises due to fear and doubts the question always raises.

8) Feeling guilty

Relationship confrontations are ordinary and begin between couples many times. However, such fights only expand negativity to the marriage and make you both think terrible and rather, entangled in the relationship.

If you are still battling about similar former stuff, it’s time to provide each other space and endeavor to live in the present and schedule your path forward, not backward.There are points you can take to resist bringing up the past all the time,  First, you want to comprehend the possible reasons to reach the dilemma lay more strategically. 

When the statement turns into a battleground based on right and who is wrong, the history can be utilized as a shell. Past errors of a person can be assigned to enhance others’ position as a right.

When the battle goes bad to be about right or wrong, your spouse may appear as the winner, but your relationships, so to mitigate the intensity of the night, both should feel guilty about their past errors.

9) There are stuff not  let off

It may appear that what a person speaks of is out of the surf or completely irrelevant. It doesn’t possess that meaning for them. but comprehend by others in the wrong manner. There may be assumptions related to previous errors and have the discussion in their sense going on for a time until an impetus appeared.

Bringing up the past often pronounces unforgiveness. Maybe it is cheating or something told that appeared ethical yet was painful. Whatever the explanation, the past will trickle into the present until it is marketed completely, and the pain has been rebuilt.

10) Retaining control

Bringing up past errors in marriages can be a path to stay in control over main decisions. When a person remembers the errors of their partner’s conclusion, they might be striving to seize control over some of the current judgments being made.

Maybe you are complaining about where to spend time and your partner says: “Maybe he forced to select his suggestion.  you should remember what occurred last time we went with your choice? Simply, you don’t make good choices.” This type of conversation creates a hotness in the environment.

11. Distracting the topic

Bringing up the prior errors by your spouse can be tried as a technique to divert the focus from an error they made. Distracting the topic could bring you solace and assist you to avert some terrible outcomes.  

For instance, when you skip doing something they wanted you to, and you arrive back with reminding of the things they forgot. It doesn’t deal with the problem. It only temporarily changes the duty and guilt out of you.  For more information consult world famous astrologer.




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