How palmistry tells about how your house will be in future?

How palmistry tells about how your house will be in future?
How palmistry tells about how your house will be in future

Every person has three basic needs: food, clothing and home. Two basic needs are easily fulfilled by a person, but the third requirement has become very difficult in today's time to get one's own house. It is the desire of every human being to have a good house of his own in the coming time so that he can live happily with his family, because his own house is his own. It is often seen that some people are not able to get their own house even after putting in a lot of hard work and effort and they are forced to spend their life in a rented house but do you know that it is related to the lines made in your hands.

According to astrology consultancy along with the fruit of the person's deeds, it is very important to have good luck lines in his hands. In palmistry, it is known about the person by looking at the lines of the hands. In this topic, some signs made on the palm have been told which indicate what kind of house you will have in future. So let us know which signs can be known about Makana.

Shortening Or Narrowing Of The Thumb

According to palmistry, if the thumb of a person's hand opens less, that is, the distance between the thumb and forefinger is less, or the thumb is relatively small. The chances of such people getting a big house in their life are very less. Most of these people live their lives in small houses.

Elevation Of Mars

According to palmistry, if the place of Mount Mars is high in the palm of a person, then the person gets the happiness of his own house in his life. Along with this, if a person has auspicious signs like fish, conch on Mars mountain in his hand, then the person's income is good as well as his own house.

According to palmistry, if the lines in the palm of a person come out of the Moon Mount or Shani Mountain and go to the fate line and life line, then it is considered a very good sign for getting a house. Such people do not buy land and buy a built house. Along with this, there are chances of getting a house from the in-laws side in the lives of these people.

Triangle Sign In Palm

According to world famous astrologer, if there is more than one fate line in the palm of a person or a triangle sign is made on the life line, then such a person achieves a good position with his hard work and dedication. Home happiness is attained at an early age. These people like to build their house in open space.

Line Near The Thumb

According to palmistry, if there is a line in the palm of a person going from the thumb to the top, then the person has the happiness of his own house, but such people have their own house at the age of 34 to 48 years.


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