How to eliminate marriage obstacles & Get desired groom?

How to eliminate marriage obstacles & Get desired groom?
eliminate marriage obstacles & Get desired groom

Obstacles in marriage, or frequent break up relationships, are getting less and less with age, chances of getting into household life or not getting perfect match making all such Saval if you or your mother - Every day you come in the father's mind too, so today you will get to know the answers to all this, why is such a situation arising? Is the situation behind the planets in your horoscope the reason behind it? Know what remedies will be provided by the evil planets Along with this, what measures will be fulfilled by the desire to get the desired groom.

Due to which defect, perfect matchmaking could not be found

According to love astrology specialist, there are countless such coincidences in the horoscope due to which there is an obstacle in marriage or marriage, or in spite of countless efforts, a good bride or groom is not available. All these coincidences already exist in the fate line and horoscope, that is why Dwarikadhish and Rukmini were married, whereas Sri Krishna had married Radha. If there is a marriage in the horoscope, then you will meet your spouse in some form from the age of 17 to 24 years of age, or a sign of this also indicates that by this age you will have a relationship.

  1. If there is no marriage in your horoscope, then no relationship will come or come till the age of 30, even if you are far away and if you get married in such a way then life will not be happy. There is also a doubt in finding children, the final result of which comes in the form of divorce problem.

  2. Mars, Saturn, Surya, Rahu and Ketu are believed to be responsible for this within the horoscope. If an inauspicious planet is sitting in the seventh house of the horoscope or the shadow of any auspicious planet is not falling on it, then in such a situation, there is an obstacle or hindrance in the marriage due to the weakening of Jupiter and Venus.
  3. If Moon and Venus are in the same house in the horoscope and Saturn and Mars are in the seventh house, then this combination also proves to be a hindrance in marriage.
  4. If the seventh house of the horoscope is affected by the position of Saturn and the Sun, then even such coincidences are formed which are unfair from the point of view of marriage. There are some of the people who seek to get the parents approval for love marriage.


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