How does Astrology work in issues after Marriage?

How does Astrology work in issues after Marriage?
How does Astrology work in issues after Marriage

There are many marriages that take the place due to some of the impulsive decision later that crumble. It can be happen due to several reasons. To deal with the issues of loving marriage vedic astrology consultancy is considered as one of the best way. You can able to deal with these types of the marriage problem by consulting the specialist in love marriage. He will help to deal with the issues of the married life. These are the times when couple fight with each other and at there are some of the times that creates even more problem into couples life.   The eleventh house of earning if not blessed; it may create unrest in marriage.

  • The level of tolerance has gone down. If this is the issue, methods to massage the ego can be devised as per the horoscope.
  • More planets in a watery sign make the person remember more negative things. This can be effectively controlled through counseling.
  • Not able to forgive may be one of the reasons, but this can be tackled with effectiveness.
  • No time for each other is another issue that can be easily controlled by balancing the first and seventh house energies.

Due to some of the reasons couples are not able to go along with the friends and family of the spouse and it is one of the most widespread reasons for the couples to get separate from each other. In the happy marriage life their fight starts with the small verbal spates and later grows into a full-blown battle. But Vedic astrology can deal with this precarious situation rather well. Balancing the energies of the fourth house in tandem with the third house.

If you are also going through the bad phase then you can consult an astrologer and through your kundali or horoscope of the peculiar nature of the native one can able to know the reasons that are spoiling the marriage.


यह भी पढ़िए 

भविष्य जानने के लिए ध्यान से देखिए अपनी अंगुलियों के पोरों पर बने चक्र

प्रभु श्रीराम से सिखने चाहिए मैनेजमेंट के यह गुण

अगर चन्द्रमा पांचवे भाव में है तो बरते यह सावधानियां बरते

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