How to consider Naadi Defects while Matching the Marriage Horoscope?

How to consider Naadi Defects while Matching the Marriage Horoscope?
consider Naadi Defects while Matching the Marriage Horoscope

The naadi which is indicative of the mind and mental energy of a person. A person's personal relationships are governed by his mind and his emotions, where two individuals who have emotional resemblance, or rivalry, are found to have a breakdown in their relationships. Sixteen types of rites are performed in Hinduism from the birth of a man to his death. The most important of those rites is the marriage ceremony in which the boy and the girl choose each other for the rest of their life.

Before this marriage ceremony, the horoscope is matched, this match is considered to be correct only if 50 percent of the properties of the horoscope are matched, that is, the total qualities of the horoscope match are 36 and if 18 of these 36 properties are being matched. If it is, then the boy and the girl get the approval of marriage. But there are also some defects in the kundali matching of the horoscope, such as naadi defects will be known in detail about this.

If the bride and bridegroom's naadi are different when matching qualities, they get 8 out of 8 points of naadi matching, such as the bride's initial naadi and the bride's naadi middle or end. But if the naadi of bride and groom is same, then they get 0 out of 8 of naadi matching and this is called naadi defect.

There are three types of naadi defects mentioned in the birth chart, the first one is the initial naadi, the second is the middle naadi and the third is the end naadi. These three channels have their different effects. When there is a naadi defect called Adi in the birth chart, then there is a situation of divorce or separation in the bride and groom. There is a possibility of equal death between the two when there is a mid-naadi, and there is an indication of the possibility of death of someone at the end of the last naadi.

In these situations, the Naadi defect does not appear

  1. If both boys and girls were born in different phases of the same nakshatra, then even if both of them have one naadi, it is not considered a defect and can be removed by love marriage astrology.
  2. If both of the births are one and the constellations are different, then the naadi of the bride and groom are not considered to be the fault even after the naadi is one.
  3. The birth constellation of a bride and groom is one, but even if the births are different, the naadi defect is not considered.


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