What are the causes for delay in Marriage? Know with Astrology

What are the causes for delay in Marriage? Know with Astrology
What are the causes for delay in Marriage

Marriage is considered one of the most important relations in Indian culture. Marriage is considered as the source of stability and mental peace bringing a sense of the purpose in one’s life. There are many people who are not able to get married at the right age. They face difficulties in walking to an aisle and initiating this most important journey of life.  This is the reason due to which they suffer from a lot of distress, worry as well a great amount of uncertainty in their lives. If you are also one of them who is among the people who are facing the problems in getting married then they can consult our specialist astrologer.

The cause and reasons as well as the solutions lie in your  Janam Kundali. The birth chart represents the positions of the heavenly bodies that include the planets, the sun, the moon at the time of your birth and it reflects how they define about your future. Across the globe the birth chart is the way for astrologers to get into the personality of a person and gain an insight into the past, present and future.

What is the solution for late marriage by date of birth?

In the astrology consultancy it is the practice among the families to check about the compatibilities of a bride and a groom. It follows the marriage astrology by the date of birth under which the careful analysation of the birth charts are carried out. Famous astrologer in world will study the horoscopes, look into their personalities, their likings and disliking and match the gunas of kundali of both the bride and groom. With the help of the horoscope one can able to get the time that when the person will get married. While you consult a good astrologer he will studies about the doshas and the dashas that includes the antar dasha that is causing the delay. The seventh house of the horoscope is the house of the marriage that is studied in the conjunctions about the planetary positions.

According to astrology the marriage prediction by date of birth contains the following below mentioned details like,

  • When I will get married?
  • My marriage will be love or arranged?
  • What are the causes for delay in marriage?
  • Presence of the mangalik doshas and other doshas in horoscope