Vastu Defects Responsible For Hindrance in Marriage

Vastu Defects Responsible For Hindrance in Marriage
Vastu Defects Responsible For Hindrance in Marriage

The biggest concern of parents is the timely marriage of their sons and daughters. Many young men and women pass their age but they are unable to find a suitable spouse or to say that there is some kind of hindrance in their marriage. Especially due to the delay in the marriage of young women, the whole family comes under stress. There are many reasons and their solutions have been given in astrology for not getting married or getting interrupted in marriage, Vastu also has many reasons for hindering marriage. Love marriage problem arise even if the marriageable youth or the woman sleeps in the house from the room where she sleeps.

Effective Vastu Tips:

Let us know which are the Vastu defects that become the biggest obstacles in marriage:

  1. Do not forget this, first of all, the southwest corner of the house becomes the biggest reason for hindrance in marriage and provides husband wife problem solution. The bedroom of young men and women in this corner should not be forgotten. Some Vastu scribes are of the opinion that even those bedrooms whose periods have started should not sleep in the bedroom in the north-eastern direction.
  2. Do not keep the direction of water flow towards the flow of water or the slope of the house towards southwest direction at all. If there is a young woman living in such a house, then there is definitely a delay in their marriage. The door of the girls' bedroom should not open in the south-west direction.
  3. Stairs in the central part of the house Stairs or any heavy items should not be kept in the middle of the house, this hinders the marriage. There should not be any thorny plant, tree etc. at least 10 feet away on both sides of the main entrance of the house.
  4. These measures can be taken for early marriage, it is necessary that the room of young men and girls, especially girls, is directly in the western direction. This does not impede marriage functions. If there are unmarried young men and women in the family, then the walls of the house should be painted lightly, even with sealing colors should be used in the ceiling. If the young man is unable to get married, there is an obstacle, then he should sleep in the southeast direction. If you are going through several problem then consult love astrology specialist.
  5. For quick marriage, a picture or flute of Shri Krishna must be placed in the room of the young men and women. The bedsheets of unmarried girls should be light colored such as pink, baby pink, violet.


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