5 Tips to Maintain Relationship & Manage Quarrel with your Girlfriend

5 Tips to Maintain Relationship & Manage Quarrel with your Girlfriend
5 Tips to Maintain Relationship & Manage Quarrel with your Girlfriend

Most people agree with this as well. But when it comes to the relationship of couples or girlfriends / boyfriends, it is common to have quarrels or estrangements at times. But the time between that fight and the celebration is difficult for some and fun for some.

Think for yourself that your girl friend gets upset and how many cute ideas come to your mind to celebrate her. After that, the happiness of being accepted, which is visible on the faces of both, makes the relationship deeper. But a quarrel that started from small talk between some people sometimes escalates. Due to more estrangement, the quarrel sometimes even reaches to the breakup.

1. Send Romantic Messages

Every couple should thank technology that you have a means of talking immediately i.e. mobile. If you have a fight with your girlfriend and you are uncomfortable going in front of her, then you can send her a romantic message.

Believe me, this effort from your side will work like a doctor's medicine in the disease. You can also write in the message how important your and GF's relationship is by getting love relationship solution.

2. Call

If the conversation starts on the message, then the next step is the phone. Call your GF. You can also call for a few days if the message is not answered. The best way to start a conversation is to exchange happiness. However, this is not so easy to do, as there is a strange silence after the fight.

But still, instead of the blaming game, if you do his day and other things related to it, then this difficult situation can be easily dealt with.

2. Apologize

Apologizing doesn't mean you're wrong. Sometimes it is not amiss to even apologize to repair the relationship and end the quarrel. Explain your mind to them. No matter who makes a mistake, it can take a whole life to point each other out. The best way is to end the fight by saying sorry. Believe me this can be a very good idea.

4. Surprise

Every girl likes surprises. But it is not necessary that always a big gift should be given. Even small gifts or surprises can make the partner happy and the quarrel can end. If possible, you can plan a dinner date and lunch too. Earrings, perfumes, dresses etc. can be gifted. You can also send online gifts with a cute message card without telling him. Maybe after meeting it, their displeasure goes away.

5. When you wake up in the morning, forget the past

It is said that every morning brings a new day and new dreams. Keeping this in mind, forget yesterday's quarrel and again call-message or visit your girl friend as before by consulting world famous astrologer. By doing this, he will realize that you really love him, only then you have forgotten the past. Then by taking one step ahead of you, will she also take a step forward and your old days will return again.


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