Tips to Leave a Marriage Peacefully

Tips to Leave a Marriage Peacefully
Tips to Leave a Marriage Peacefully

This article is about how to leave a marriage peacefully without conflict and heartbreaking, In our Indian society, we have the conception that the bond a made in heaven and we believe in the continuation of the relationship not breaking the relationship. The bond of marriage is believed to be the main relationship on which our whole life depends. India is the place where we give importance to every relationship and whenever we fall into a new relationship we consult an astrologer about the stars of both the life partners and also consider the advice of our elders then we bond in a new relationship. In Indian society, the decisions are mostly taken by all the family members. The reason behind this is to prevent the relationship from heartbreaking consequences. Mutual consent of both partners is also necessary to bring the relationship into true form. Before acquiring the name of the bond, some rituals have to perform to give the legal acquaintance in the society. The rituals are performed in form of various occasions and by adopting all the spiritual trends for the permanency of the relationship. These things lead to a happy married life. But sometimes due to some reasons, the marriage does not work and reaches over the edge. The breaking of marriage is not considered as good for both the person as they reflect the negative aspect of their disposition. Divorce is a miserable thing and a synonym of sheer disrespect and embarrassment. It is questionable in the perception of the society Ironically it is fact that society dislikes it when the people are not aware of the true reason behind it. is difficult to find the true reason behind the breaking or divorce. It is both the partners who know best to time end a marriage or to continue, which is suitable for their mental health and which can prevent them from psychological afflictions originated due to many reasons. The things we should consider to maintain a healthy relationship.

1) Excessive expectations-It lead to the breaking of the heart when they couldn't be fulfilled due to some reasons. The area of expectations should be confined according to the capacity of both partners.

2)Assumption-Misconception is the main cause that leads to the doom and gloom of the relationship. The assumption is the termites of relationships

3)Accepting positive aspects and neglecting negative nature-. It is necessary to ignore the negative emotions of your relationship coming in between.

Control your feelings and take judgment from the brain, not from the heart. Be practical and logical and not emotional. This is extremely useful advice on how to depart a marriage peacefully which will not hurt you too much in any form of destruction.

4)caring yourself is essential

If the divorce causes any kind of harm on both sides then consult with a psychologist or a therapist to prevent the psychological affliction without any second thought.

5)Stop argument and communication-Talking too much and arguing can't lead to a conclusion, so staying calm is a good way to avoid ha oOT discussion

It takes time, endeavor, and enormous power to avoid situations.

We are human beings and humans aren’t presumed to be accurate and perfect. Avoid that person, but that doesn’t mean you should pile up bitter feelings against them because it will affect you adversely and negatively which is not healthy.

Wipe your mind from negative effects, clean and distance yourself from the person who was meaningful and dearest in the past.

3) Put your best efforts

Distract and keep yourself busy as much as you can. and try to avoid certain things from which you are obsessed. Be social and spend time on positive things like communicating with old friends you haven’t met many times, planning family dinners, attend various events and weddings.  Start spending time on the things that give you peace and calmness.

Work to enhance your personality and avoid personal issues, involved in an online course, start watching TV series, visit a trip which your favorite There are many things you can opt to distract yourself and make happy to yourself.

Discover and choose the path of new innings remove yourself from the aura of a broken relationship. Life is color divert yourself from a dark color to beautiful bright colors.


Marriage is a beautiful dream and it comes into true existence when both the tracks go hand in hand, but it gets ugly and messy when the conflict on certain matters starts. Knowing how to break a bond of marriage peacefully can be less painful. Our tradition which prevails in the society does not allow and consider it positively.

 It is Sad, society disrespect couple who unintentionally or intentionally separate themselves. Not all marriages spend their life happily and the people tied note with the time and due to some reasons, they depart.