Kundali Matching for Marriage Relationship

Kundali Matching for Marriage Relationship
Kundali Matching for Marriage Relationship

The age-old saying goes like this - "Marriages are made in heaven." But if marriages are made in heaven, why is kundli matching so important? Can Kundli chart really make a difference which is already decided by Almighty God?

Many people do not understand the simple fact that Kundli matching is done to analyze the deeds of the bride and groom and it will have a lasting impact on their married life. Let us discuss some important points which show the absolute importance of Kundli Milan:

1. To check how compatible the bride and groom are with each other

According to astrology consultancy, during Kundali Milan the compatibility of the couple is matched at physical, mental and social level and they are given marks out of total 36 points. These are based on different aspects of life and determine the future of the couple.

2. Will the finances last long?

It is said that when the fate of two people is combined, it either becomes better and best or it gets worse or worse depending on the karmic actions of the individuals. If the couple is able to deal with the struggling period of their lives and still ready to spend time with each other, it often leads to a happy ending.

On the other hand, the moment the couple faces financial troubles due to an unstable career, they split up and develop different personalities which lead to separation and divorce. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to go for Kundli matching in advance.

3. Special Puja to rectify Doshas

You must have heard about Manglik Dosha that some people have in their horoscope. This dosha is the most harmful and it is advised that people with this dosha should only marry a man with manglik dosha.

But if some other dosha is found in the Kundli chart, then the married life of the couple can also be saved by performing certain specific pujas, which will remove all the doshas and ensure that the couple leads a healthy and healthy life. live. happy life together.


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