What are the reasons to get childbirth prediction in Kundali?

What are the reasons to get childbirth prediction in Kundali?
reasons to get childbirth prediction in Kundali

We all know that bringing a new life into the world is exhilarating and life-changing. There are some of the times when it can be so stressful and full of uncertainties. According to astrology consultancy there, several changes occur in the life of the couples during the time of the marriage. There are some of the people who are not able to blessed with child. You may see many things to consider like financial ability, family support, lifestyle changes, mental stability and more. It’s undoubtedly a leap into the unknown domain and one of the significant decisions you as a couple makes in each other’s life.

How does the Placement of the planet affect Birth Horoscope?

  • The placement in the various houses
  • The Lords of the houses
  • The angles that the planets are projecting and the viewpoints that are being casted on them
  • The combination of the planets with different planets
  • The Nakshatras that the planets are in and significantly more

The realities and components that should be thought of and broke down to find the prospects of pregnancy, foreseeing the hour of pregnancy, and answers for different pertinent issues are:

  • The first, fifth, and ninth places of the natal outline
  • The area, nature, and abilities of the Lord of the entirety of the above houses
  • The planets Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter ought to be in perspective with the above houses or the individual masters of these houses, or travel over the houses/rulers.
  • The Moon ought to be close or travel the first, fifth, or ninth houses/masters.
  • In the male horoscope, the position and status of the planets Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars should be good. For more information consult famous astrologer.
  • In the female horoscope, the planets Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars ought to be all around put and useful.
  • The 5thhouse or its ruler ought to have anybody or a greater amount of the Zodiac Signs to be specific Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini, or Aquarius

यह भी पढ़िए 

भविष्य जानने के लिए ध्यान से देखिए अपनी अंगुलियों के पोरों पर बने चक्र

प्रभु श्रीराम से सिखने चाहिए मैनेजमेंट के यह गुण

अगर चन्द्रमा पांचवे भाव में है तो बरते यह सावधानियां बरते

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