How mobile phones are becoming reason for quarrel between husband and wife?

How mobile phones are becoming reason for quarrel between husband and wife?
How mobile phones are becoming reason for quarrel between husband and wife

When a boy and a girl tie the knot, not only they but their family members are also very happy. Everyone wishes both of them a good life ahead and shower their blessings and love. Almost everything changes after marriage, because where earlier people were able to do everything on their own, now they need the consent of their partner to do that thing. At the same time, the more love there is in this relationship, the more petty fights happen. But do you know that many times your mobile phone becomes the real reason for quarrels between husband and wife. It sounds strange to you, but this is happening in today's changing times. So let's know how mobile phone becomes the cause of quarrel between husband wife problem solution.

Stay On Call

Many people are engaged on calls from their friends, family or other people whenever they watch. Sometimes normal calls and sometimes video calls, these people keep doing it. In such a situation, they are not able to pass even though they are near their partner, due to which many times there is a rift between the two.

Stay On Social Media

Time is changing and now the time is of social media, but it does not mean at all that you are engaged on it for 24 hours. Despite this, many people keep uploading photos on social media, clicking photos for this, chatting with unknown people etc. Which becomes the reason of quarrel between husband and wife. At that time couples seek for divorce problem solution.

Keep Watching Movies

It is not wrong to watch movies, but if you are with your partner at home or have gone on a trip with them, then you should stay with your partner. But many people are so lost in movies that they watch movies only in these places. In such a situation, there is an argument between the two and then the matter reaches to a fight.

Do not take partner's call

Although many people are engaged on calls with their friends or family, but when it comes to taking the call of the partner, either they get busy somewhere or they are not able to take the call due to some other reason. But when this happens every day, then things start to deteriorate between the partners.