Know What Direction is Right for the Main Gate to Bedroom

Know What Direction is Right for the Main Gate to Bedroom
Know What Direction is Right for the Main Gate to Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, which direction should be in the house. According to famous astrologer, the main gate of an ideal house should be only in the east or north direction. At the same time, it is considered auspicious to have the slope of your house towards east, north or east-north (ishan angle). Thus according to Vastu, the rooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms of the house should be in a particular direction. Due to this there is no defect in the house and people remain happy.

East direction

East direction is the direction of sunrise. Positive and energetic rays enter our house from this direction. If the main gate of the house is in this direction, then it is very good. Can also keep the window.

West direction

Your kitchen or toilet should be in this direction. Take care of the kitchen and toilet not too close.

North direction

The house should have maximum windows and doors in this direction. The balcony and wash basin of the house should also be in the same direction. If Mengate is in this direction and very good.

South direction

There should not be any kind of openness, toilets etc. in the south direction. Keep heavy items at this place in the house. If there is a door or window in this direction, there will be negative energy in the house and the oxygen level will also be reduced. This causes trouble in the house.

North-East direction

 It is also called the northeast direction. This direction is the place of water. There should be boring, swimming pools, places of worship etc. in this direction. Maingate is very good in this direction.

North-West direction

 It is also called as a western direction. Your bedroom, garage, cowshed, etc. should be in this direction.

South-East direction

It is called the fiery angle of the house. This is the direction of the fire element. There should be gas, boiler, transformer etc. in this direction.

South-West direction

 This direction is called the south-west direction. There should be no openness in this direction i.e. window and doors. The head of the house can make room here. You can place cash counters, machines etc. in this direction.

House courtyard

If the house does not have a courtyard, then the house is incomplete. The front and back of the house should be small, but there should be courtyard. In addition to basil, pomegranate, jamfal, sweet or bitter neem, amla etc. in the courtyard, plant flowering plants that give positive energy.

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