If you want shiny success in future, wear diamond

If you want shiny success in future, wear diamond
If you want shiny success in future, wear diamond

Diamond is paramount, shiny and hard in all gems. It does not scratch, that's why it is called Vajra. It is a precious gem made of coal after millions of years of process in the womb of the earth. In Kautilya's Arthashastra, there is a special discussion on diamonds. Gemstones have been influenced by humans on the deity and the diamond is a diamond. The relative gravity of the diamond is 3:48. It is a fully transparent gemstone. It is believed to be defective, stained, scratched, scratched. When the real diamond is kept in the sun, the rays begin to come out. It is identified by the number of bright rays.

It is also believed that white diamond is sattvik, red diamond tamoguni, yellow diamond rajoguni and black diamond is shudravarni.

Its astrological consultancy is that diamond is a gem of Venus. The lord of Taurus and Libra are Venus. Their diamond itself is not only valuable, it also makes the holder rich. If Venus is the owner of good horoscope, then happiness can be increased by wearing a diamond.

A diamond should be worn to protect body and health when there is a Venus, for children and education on the birth of Venus, and to increase fortune, happiness, and religious work on the birth of Venus. Many Goddesses advise to wear diamond even when there are obstacles in the Mahadasha of Venus, delay in marriage and Venus in the horoscope, weak and afflicted area.

Shukra Maharaj is the deity of work. Their happiness connects human life with creation, art and pleasure. Therefore, wearing a diamond after knowing the deserving condition increases the auspiciousness. In Hira Ratna Anamika, there is a law for wearing sixteen thousand chanting of Venus on the Friday of the Shukla Paksha, by obliging. Wearing pearl, ruby, coral and yellow topaz with diamond is prohibited.

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