First Lunar Eclipse of Year 2021: Know Date & Time

First Lunar Eclipse of Year 2021: Know Date & Time
First Lunar Eclipse of Year 2021: Know Date & Time

The lunar eclipse is going to happen twice this year. The first eclipse is on May 26, 2021, the full moon of the month of Vaishakh. The second lunar eclipse will take place on 19 November. There will also be two solar eclipses this year. The first solar eclipse will occur on 10 June and the second will take place on 4 December. The lunar eclipse on 26 May 2021 is considered to be a full lunar eclipse. Let's know about the Sutak period.

Eclipse Period: The lunar eclipse on 26 May 2021 will begin at 6.15 am and the eclipse will start at 3.15 pm. Khagrass will start at 4.40 am and the middle of the eclipse will be at 4.49 am. Whereas the Khagrass will end at 4:58 am and the eclipse will end at 6:23 pm. There will be a difference in its time according to astrology consultancy. The Sutak period takes 9 hours before the eclipse.

No thread will be valid:

According to world famous astrologer, wherever the eclipse will appear, there will be valid Sutak period and where it will not be visible there will not be valid. This lunar eclipse will not be seen in most parts of India. That is why the Sutak period will not be valid there. According to experts, this lunar eclipse can be seen in the eastern states of India, including Arunachal, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Assam and Meghalaya in Bengal and eastern Odisha. Therefore, Sutak will be valid in these states. This eclipse can be seen in some parts of Northeast India for a short time from 05:38 to 06:21 in the evening. However, in India, it will be treated like a shadow eclipse.

What to do in a Sutak:

If food has been prepared before the eclipse and the Sutak, adding basil leaves to the foodstuff can save the food from getting polluted. Temples of temples are kept closed during the eclipse. Dev statues are also covered. There is a prohibition of worship or touch during the eclipse. Mantra chanting alone is the law. During the eclipse, it is forbidden to perform all kinds of fire activities including Yagya Karma. It is believed that this makes Agnidev angry.


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