Can Manglik person marry with non-Manglik person?

Can Manglik person marry with non-Manglik person?
Can Manglik person marry with non-Manglik person

According to the people, if a man like man is married to a non-manglik then there will be a lot of problems in the marital life. Some people even say that what is unmanageable in such a marriage can happen even till death, but this is not completely true. It is true that the health of the spouse is definitely affected, if there is a real effect of Mars on your horoscope. We are always skeptical because of half the incomplete information. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you in detail when and when Mangal Dosh will be a side effect.

Only then will the strangers reconcile and life will become easier. Similarly, Manglik and non Manglik also have a lot of importance in our life. Now the first thing comes, how do we know that we are Manglik? When Mars is in the twelfth lagna, first, second, fourth, seventh and eighth house in one's horoscope then the person is manglic. Being Mangalik is not such a big thing as astrologers exaggerate it.

Often people think that it is a wrong thing to be manglicious. This is a misnomer. Mars defects are often fearless and fearless as well as self-respecting ones. But if some rules are made, then there is some science behind them, which will definitely show its effect. Therefore, in some cases, you can marry Manglik to non-Manglik.

According to the famous astrologer if you are Manglik and you are married to non-Manglik then according to your horoscope, Mars will affect you in the same way. 

  • The presence of Mars in the first house may cause mutual disagreement, mental stress and health problems in the husband and wife.
  • The influence of Mars in the second house causes family discord and increases the risk of enmity in kinship.
  • It is normal to have problems with jobs or money due to Mars in the fourth house.
  • Being Mars in the seventh house makes the person's character and nature a bit strange and the chances of such a person having an extra marital affair are more.
  • Mars in the eighth house affects the health of both the spouses.
  • Due to Mars in the twelfth house, a person makes many enemies around him, as well as husband wife problem.

There are some surefire remedies to get rid of Mangal Dosh, which saves a person from a lot of problems, such as-

  • The person with Mars defect should be married to another person with Mars defect, because the defect of Mars is combined with 2 persons.
  • If a girl is Manglik, before marriage, she should be married to a pitcher or a Peepal tree from which the girl is freed from Mangal Dosh. But we can use this remedy only for girls.
  • It is also said that if you are over 28 years of age, then Mangal Dosh ends, so getting married in the 29th year is also a solution to this problem.
  • Along with all these remedies, the most effective remedy is to keep Hanuman ji fast with full devotion every Tuesday and recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

Many times it also happens when Mars is in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house, but still, man is not mangikal because there are many factors that influence which Mangal Dosh is destroyed. The factors that destroy Mars defect are as follows -

  • If Mars is in the fourth and eighth house in the horoscope of your Aquarius Ascendant, then Mangalik Dosh is not found.
  • If your horoscope has good Jupiter or Venus planet then Manglik Dosh ends.
  • If there is Mars in the eighth house in the horoscope with Pisces and Sagittarius ascendant, then Manglik Dosh ends.
  • If Venus is Mars in the twelfth house of Libra or Taurus, then even Mars defect will not be affected.
  • If Mars is sitting in the second house of Virgo and Gemini, then Mars does not feel guilty