5 Things Lead To Extra Marital Affair in Marriage

5 Things Lead To Extra Marital Affair in Marriage
5 Things Lead To Extra Marital Affair in Marriage

Often after a few years of marriage, the closeness between the husband or wife does not remain as before. Due to this many times they start making extra marital relations. Generally this tendency is seen more in men, but sometimes women are also seen openly making extra-marital relationships. Although in Indian culture and environment, few married women will be found who make love with other men, but due to modernity and cultural changes coming in the metropolis, extramarital relations are increasing. If a person makes extra marital relationship then there are many reasons behind it. There are some psychological reasons, there are also some such reasons which are not very easy to know about to get husband wife problem solution. But some common reasons can be known, which lead to extra marital affair.

1. Marriage at an early age

Sometimes in towns and villages, marriages are done in a traditional way at an early age. At the time of marriage, neither the girl nor the boy know or try to know each other. Where family members get married, they do it quietly. But when they change after a time or they reach a different stage of their career, then they do not find this relationship interesting. In such a situation, they move towards extra marital affair.

2. Husband and wife lose interest in each other

With the passage of time, the interest of husband and wife goes on decreasing in each other. In the early stages, there is a lot of sexual attraction in them. Because of this they are related to each other. But sometimes such situations arise that they lose interest in each other. Because of this also extra marital affairs happen.

3. Neglect of husband on having children

Often wives pay more attention to them when they have children. It is also necessary. But the husband wants the wife to pay as much attention to him as before. Any woman after becoming a mother will pay more attention to the children. She cannot fulfill every wish of her husband as before. In such a situation, some people get attracted to other women and try to have a relationship with them.

4. Domestic quarrels

In some families the fights are too much. Especially if the husband is unemployed or his income is less, then the wives tell him a lot. Even if it is not so, then the fights between mother-in-law and sister-in-law and brother-in-law are more or less in every family. When these quarrels start becoming more, then the mind of the man starts moving away from the wife's side. Then he starts looking for a new relationship.

5. Restriction

Some women have the habit of being very suspicious of their husbands. Interrupts them on talk. For more information consult world famous astrologer. Keep an eye on their every move. In such a situation, the husband starts feeling suffocated and then in reaction moves towards extra-marital relation.


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