5 Reasons Cause Quarrel between Husband And Wife

5 Reasons Cause Quarrel between Husband And Wife
5 Reasons Cause Quarrel between Husband And Wife

There is no such relationship in the world, which can go on without any quarrel or debate. Some fights escalate a bit in which people get separated. But the quarrels of husband and wife are so interesting and fun that in a short time, fun is seen in it.

According to some relationship experts, quarrels between husband and wife can be healthy as they can easily solve their relationship problems. Trouble comes in any relationship when people fail to solve their troubling issues, which increases the chances of their relationship weakening. Often the relationship between two people starts to deteriorate when taunts start between the two. Whether it was given in anger or not.

In such a situation, it becomes most important to solve this problem by talking among themselves, so today we tell you about some such taunts in the quarrel between husband and wife, which they often narrate to each other.

Why do you always keep wet towels on the bed?

If you talk about a small tussle between married couples, then all these husbands get to hear it like - fight over keeping a wet towel on the bed? Needless to say here that most of the time the husband is the culprit of this mistake of husband wife problem. Well, it's a lot of fun because most couples fight about how to put wet towels on the bed.

Mother's hand tea or food

Another reason for the quarrel between husband and wife is that tea or food is made in the hands of the mother. Most of the new couples in India have a debate about this, about which they themselves do not know why they are fighting over this matter. Most of the wives in India must have heard their husbands at some point in their lives comparing the food of the wife with the food of the mother.

Stick With Your Friends And Work

Often in a new marriage, wives complain to their husbands that their husbands do not give them time, whether to go out for work or to spend time with friends. Most of the boys like to hang out with their friends. This causes frequent arguments among most of the new couples. But if the husband surprises his wife, then he can maintain peace in the house.

You don't like my parents?

According to astrology consultancy it is a very old saying that most Indian couples are found guilty. Marriage not only binds two people in a bond but also brings a whole family closer together. So married couples are expected to treat their in-laws as well as their parents. But it is not always easy, at least not at all in the beginning. Hence, there is often an argument between the couple about liking or disliking their in-laws.

Stop behaving like a Bachelor?

Most Indian women are ready to take on their new role as a wife, while some men, on the other hand, take time to adjust to their married life. It's no surprise that they still want to party and flirt a little bit like before. It is no surprise that a wife objectes to such bachelor behavior or argues with her husband.


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