Why do divorce happen even after matching horoscope?

Why do divorce happen even after matching horoscope?
Why do divorce happen even after matching horoscope

The time of marriage is very important and very special in the life of any human being. After marriage, astrology is very much taken care of before marriage to make life happy and peaceful. Before marriage, it is very important to have a perfect match between boy and girl's coil and their qualities. Apart from this, both gotra and caste also have special importance, but nowadays, even after all these actions, the problems of divorce are seen most in married life.

Who is to blame for the divorce even after matching the horoscope?

Let us tell you that even after the marriage of the qualities and horoscope before marriage, the married life ends by going to divorce, it does not mean that there is a fault of astrology, but it simply means that the astrologer has changed the horoscope and The results are not seen properly when the properties are matched. Apart from this, there are many times that you also get astrologers wrong, who are unable to study the horoscope properly. Therefore, always contact a world famous astrologer.

There is a special combination in the horoscope for not getting a divorce.

This position is directly related to the planets, which creates a situation like divorce. Let me tell you that there is a particular combination in the horoscope for divorce, which is given importance when matching kundali for marriage. The biggest reason for divorce is linked to the planet Guru and Venus. Even if the position of Venus is in the Guru or the position of the Guru in Venus, then there is a situation of separation between the husband and wife.

Important things for horoscope matching

Before marriage, a good astrology should keep in mind whether there are signs of a happy married life in the horoscopes of both the bride and groom. For example, if one of the two horoscopes has a defect of divorce or validation due to the presence of a defect like Manglik Dosha, Pitra Dosha or Kaal Sarp Dosha, then in spite of having a large number of qualities, the Kundlis also Should not match.