When do Love Marriage occur in your Horoscope, Know with Astrology

When do Love Marriage occur in your Horoscope, Know with Astrology
When do Love Marriage occur in your Horoscope

At present, almost all the young men and women are tied in a love relationship. We all know that it is quite common that not everyone is blessed with true love. Love is destined to very lucky people. In today's time, every young man and woman likes their mind and wants to spend their life with whomever they want, but many do not realize this dream. They blame their luck on this, but apart from this, there are many reasons that prevent the couple from becoming one. Such as the position and defects of the planets in the horoscope.

Earlier people did not believe it but now people have started believing it. According to astrology consultancy, if love marriage yoga is present in the horoscope, then the marriage of the loving couple gets done easily. In this, family and relatives get full support. But if there is no love in the horoscope and the planets are not together, then difficulties arise in the love marriage. In the last, this defect becomes the reason for stopping the marriage.

How to make love marriage in a horoscope

In astrology, the fifth house is considered the house of love and the seventh house is called the house of husband and wife. According to world famous astrologer, the relationship of Panchamesh and Saptamesh makes love marriage. If the fifth is in the seventh or if the seventh is sitting in the fifth, then in this situation also, love makes the sum of marriage. If Venus is in Panchamesh or Saptamesh then love makes a strong marriage. Love marriage yoga is also made in the direction of the fifth and seventh. If in the Jataka magazine the fifth moon is sitting in the seventh or the seventh, then the horoscope is believed to be the sum of love marriage.

If Panchamesh Lagnesh is having a Yuti relationship with each other or is sitting in Panchamesh Saptamesh, then the person has full possibility of getting a love marriage. Love of Guru Brihaspati and Rahu together in Panchamesh, but this relationship does not reach the marriage. If Jupiter is seated in the fifth place of the horoscope of a person, then they serve to spoil the love affair. Which does not make the relationship reach the last stop. If the Mahadasha or Antara Dasha of Panchamesh is going on in the horoscope of the native, then it is the sum of love marriage.