How to Reduce Bad Effects of Mangal Dosha?

How to Reduce Bad Effects of Mangal Dosha?
How to Reduce Bad Effects of Mangal Dosha?

According to astrology, if Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th position in one's horoscope, then it is called Manglik Dosha. It is said that if the person is Manglik, then his marriage gets hampered. It is believed that having Manglik dosha affects married life. If a Manglik person is married to a non-Manglik, it can lead to estrangement or separation between the couple after marriage. There are some things related to Manglik Dosh which are completely opposite to the truth. For example, if the Manglik and Amanglik caste people get married, then their marriage is sure to be dissolved. But it is not necessary to be like this; there may be trouble in life. But amputation is not mandatory. Manglik caste must be married to a banyan tree. This too is not completely true. 

There is some misconception that if there is a conjunction of Jupiter or Saturn with Mars, then Mangal Dosh ends, this is only an illusion. If the Guru's vision is on Mars, even if there is a Jupiter in the Kendra Bhava, then the Mangal Dosha gets eliminated. This is not true. Actually, no planet can eliminate Mangal Dosha. If Mars is set then the effect of Mangal Dosha does not diminish.

After the age of 27, this defect ends, this illusion has spread to such a depth that it is impossible to end it. Some conservatives believe that if the boy is Manglik, then it is not necessary for the girl to be Manglik, which has to be paid by the couple for life.

Remedies to eliminate manglik dosha

In astrology, many remedies have been given for the prevention of Manglik Dosh. If you also want to get rid of Manglik Dosh, then definitely do these measures -

1. According to astrology, if a person has Manglik dosha in his horoscope, then by getting Peepal marriage, Kumbh marriage or Shaligram marriage, the ill effects of Manglik dosha are reduced.

2. According to astrology, it is good to get a Manglik native married with another Manglik native. It is believed that if both the natives are Manglik, then Manglik Dosh gets eliminated. If a Manglik native is married to a non-Manglik, then other measures have to be taken by consulting world famous astrologer.

3. According to the beliefs, if there is a Manglik Dosha in the horoscope, then fasting should be done on Tuesday. The people observing the fast should consume only Toor Dal on the day of fasting.

4. According to astrology, if there is Mangal dosha in the horoscope, then Navagraha Mantra or Mangal Mantra should be chanted on Tuesday. By doing this the effect of Manglik Dosh is reduced.

5. Chanting Gayatri Mantra 108 times a day or chanting Hanuman Chalisa reduces Manglik Dosha. Going to the temple and worshiping Hanuman ji on Tuesday also reduces the effect of Mangal Dosha.

6. In astrology consultancy, it is said that after the age of 28, Mangal Dosh ends automatically. It is believed that even if Mars is in Aries, Scorpio, Cancer or Capricorn, the Mangal Dosha gets eliminated.

7. Donating red lentils, red colored cloth or red stone on Tuesday also reduces Manglik Dosha.

8. According to astrology, wearing red coral in a gold ring in the ring finger also reduces the effect of Manglik Dosha.


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