How screen time affecting your Love Relationship?

How screen time affecting your Love Relationship?
How screen time affecting your Love Relationship

Gadgets like mobiles, laptops and tablets are common in every household nowadays. Now after the corona epidemic, both their number and use have increased significantly. Everything from work from home to online school has been integrated into these gadgets. Apart from this, there are many options on this screen for entertainment as well. Obviously, due to this, a lot of people's time is passing by staring at the screen. The problem is that due to this the interaction between people is being minimized. 

Not only this, apart from work, people use these gadgets from watching web series to watching recipes and playing games. From waking up in the morning till sleeping late at night, the magic of this magic screen does not let people free from their grip. This busyness of the virtual world has had a very bad effect on mutual relationships. Especially on the relationship between husband wife problem. While this difficult period continues. The need for family support and co-operation has increased, when mutual dialogue is even more necessary.

You Also Make Some Rules

  • It is difficult to say for how long and how long this situation will last. In such a situation, phones or other gadgets are very important tools which are still very useful. So it is also necessary to use them. Therefore, if you make some rules, then you will be able to avoid their side effects and they will not be able to become a villain in your relationship.
  • First set the time. In this, your sleeping time, waking up in the morning and the time of the whole day should be divided. Since the timings of office and online classes are fixed, you will not face any problem.
  • Food all the members of the family should try their best to eat at one place and at the same time. If this is not possible due to some meeting etc., then it is a different matter.
  • One should not have any gadget at the time of eating and apply the same thing while sleeping at night.
  • If you can go out once a week, then it is okay otherwise everyone should participate in some activity together at home. Like yoga, music, dancing, small physical games etc.
  • Once a week, the husband and wife sit together and have a normal conversation, which can also include some healthy gossip. For more information consult world famous astrologer.
  • Instead of handing over the mobile to the children at any time, add them to some work or activity with you. Try not to engage in online games or social media for the whole day.
  • Even if children are playing games, try to keep them in front of your eyes, so that you can interrupt them after the stipulated time.


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